Quernmore C.E (VC) Primary School

Life at Quernmore C.E (VC) Primary School Life at Quernmore C.E (VC) Primary School

Aims of School

The main aim of the school is to enable the children to develop their potential, not only intellectually, but also socially, morally, physically and  aesthetically. 

The school is a place where children learn to live together in a community. Its curriculum must be realistic, catering for the needs of individual children. 

The school not only gives children lessons to be mastered but also provides them with new and interesting experiences to be explored.

The school aims to introduce the children to these experiences in an orderly and planned manner.

The school helps the children to become as literate and numerate as  they are able.

The school aims to encourage excellence for its own sake not for the extraneous rewards it may bring. 

The school aims to encourage children to respond to a multicultural,  multi-faith society in order that they should have an insight into the underlying values and concerns which different cultures and societies have in common. 

The school seeks to provide a caring, stable environment and happy friendly atmosphere, allowing the children to develop self confidence and a sense of responsibility. 

We hope that the clean and attractive environment will be reflected in the children in good manners, tidiness, and a consideration for others.