Quernmore C.E (VC) Primary School


The Intent of our Maths Curriculum

 The intention of the Maths curriculum in our primary school is to ensure that every pupil develops a deep and conceptual understanding of mathematical concepts and processes. We aim to cultivate a mastery approach that empowers children to enjoy and become confident in their ability to work with mathematical concepts, develop problem solving skills and logical reasoning.

The Implementation of our Maths Curriculum

 Our Maths curriculum is founded on a range of effective teaching approaches that are informed by research evidence, and tailored to meet the needs of all pupils. Our teaching strategies involve connecting maths topics and processes from year to year, using different representations and manipulatives such as number lines, base ten blocks, and place value charts to unlock and deepen children's understanding.
We strongly believe in the power of assessment for learning as a means of checking and developing children's understanding of mathematical concepts. Our approach to assessment is systematic, regular and involves assessing whether pupils have achieved a methodical understanding of a concept universally, before moving on to the next level. It is designed to give teachers and pupils a thorough understanding of what has been mastered, and what needs further work.
Our Maths curriculum leverages on a range of digital tools and resources that facilitate personalised learning and enable children to explore maths as an enjoyable subject. We provide opportunities for pupils to work collaboratively, share ideas and engage creatively in problem solving, simulations and real-life scenarios. 

The Impact of our Maths Curriculum

 Our Maths curriculum has had a consistently positive impact on our pupils. Their attainment and progress are good, with children showing a strong understanding of mathematical contexts, processes, and concepts. Our pupils express a great enthusiasm and curiosity for mathematics and their confidence levels have significantly increased.  Overall, we are proud of the success and progress of our children in maths, as it not only stands out in their personal experience but also is highly regarded within the framework of Ofsted's inspection criteria.

Progression and Curriculum Map