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Life at Quernmore C.E (VC) Primary School Life at Quernmore C.E (VC) Primary School Life at Quernmore C.E (VC) Primary School Life at Quernmore C.E (VC) Primary School Life at Quernmore C.E (VC) Primary School


Christmas Party, Dec 2020

14 images

We had fun!

Roman Pots

34 images

We've decorated our pots with Roman patterns and designs. Thank you Mrs. Whitaker for bringing them for us!

Roman Day, Dec 2020

32 images

Great costumes everyone! We chose Roman names and tasted some Roman food. We were glad that we don't have to wear togas every day!

Flamingo Santas

36 images

Have you seen this flamingo?

Christmas 2020

36 images

Dressing Up Day! October 2020

30 images

Great costumes everyone!

Roman Buildings, October 2020

30 images

Chaos in Class 3 this afternoon! Our buildings had columns and a pediment.

The Dot

39 images

Inspired by The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds

Askew Heights Hillfort, September 2020

44 images

A fantastic morning to be up above Quernmore Valley exploring the Iron Age settlement at Askew Heights.

Science Week March 2020, Science Workshops

23 images

Classes 1 and 2 joined together to explore 'Our Diverse World'. Classes 3 and 4 joined together to explore 'Our Unique Bodies'.

Science Week March 2020, Jan Maskell

12 images

Jan worked with Class 4 delivering her workshop 'One Planet One Life', which considers personal carbon footprints and how these can be reduced.

Science Week March 2020, Steve Thackeray

18 images

Steve talked to Class 4 about his work.

Science Week March 2020, Dr Mick Urbaniac

37 images

Mick is a micro-biologist working at Lancaster University. He talked about his work with parasites. We did an experiment with strawberries, banana and kiwi fruit to extract their DNA.

Science Week March 2020, Paul Abraitis

14 images

Paul made slime with Classes 1, 2 and 3.

Science Week March 2020, David Spreadbury

24 images

David is an engineer. He talked to the children in Classes 3 and 4 about light and showed them lots of different experiments.

Science Week March 2020, Mistletoe the Hedgehog

10 images

Ella, Sienna and Isla's Mum and Dad brought in one of the hedgehogs that they have fostered.

Science Week March 2020, Janet Horsfield

9 images

Janet talked to the children in Classes 1, 2 and 3 about her work as a vet.

Swimming Gala Squad 2020

1 images

Thank you to everyone who took part and especially Catie Giles for overseeing our entries, once again!

Science Week March 2020, Sandra Dawson

30 images

Sandra is a veterinary pathologist. She talked to us about microorganisms, such as bacteria and viruses. We took swabs of different areas of the classroom to see which organisms were present and looked down her powerful microscope. We mixed yeast with sugar and warm water.

Word Book Day, March 2020

22 images

Great costumes everyone!

Science Week March 2020, Visit from Adrian Bowden

71 images

Adrian put on two of his amazing Travelling Science shows - 'Working Scientifically' for Classes 1 and 2 and 'Electricity' for Classes 3 and 4.

Science Week March 2020, Rachel Hearne

27 images

Rachel talked to us about gems, minerals and rocks. She brought in some geodes and we opened them with a hammer and chisel.

Science Week, March 2020, Gordon

8 images

Gordon showed the children lots of underwater photographs that he took of the marine life living in Morecambe Bay.

Science Week, March 2020, Steve Wroe

8 images

Steve came into school as school as a STEM Ambassador to talk to each class about the 2 years that he spent living and working in Antarctica.

Prayer and Reflection Day, December 2019

17 images

We explored the school's Mission Statement - 'Rooted and Grounded in Love'. Children in Classes 3 and 4 made cards, pictures and friendship bracelets for each other.

Volcano Muffins, January 2020

30 images

We decorated volcano muffins with lava!

Victorian Samplers, January 2020

61 images

Well done everyone!

China Day, January 2020

20 images

Two Chinese teachers, Misa and Susan, visited the school today. They talked to us about China and Chinese New Year and taught us to speak in Chinese. We made origami frogs!

Christmas 2019

96 images

Jesus as the Light of the World, December 2019

15 images

Sarah Dodd from NISCU delivered an entertaining RE session about light and Christian beliefs about Jesus

Hanukkah, November 2019

12 images

We listened to the story of Hanukkah and found out how Jewish people celebrate their festival of light. We played driedl!

Victorian Day, November 2019

78 images

We had a great day with Dan Glastonbury from Dantastic Education! We learnt about food, clothes, schools, children, work and so much more! Thank you to everyone at home for the wonderful costumes!

Visit of author, Susie Day, November 2019

20 images

What an inspiration! Susie talked about her books and read to us from her newest story. The children had fantastic ideas and made up a story with Susie about a tall baby penguin, a giant jellybean and a labrador!

World Lemur Day, October 2019

22 images

We had fun learning about Madagascar and lemurs. We learnt some Malagasi jumping games and had a sponsored bounce.

Walking to Rowton Brook Farm, September 2019

43 images

What a fantastic morning to walk up to Rowton Brook. Mr. Derbyshire very kindly showed us around the farmhouse and farm buildings which have many original features, left from the Victorian era. We looked at plans of the house from the 1880s and studied the Census data from 1881. Thank you Mike!

Back to school!

22 images

IOM 2018

261 images

Upland Education Day, July 2019

67 images

We had a super day in the Trough of Bowland learning about this special environment. We learnt about the role of the police, fire service and mountain rescue in keeping people safe. We met gamekeepers and found out how they manage this habitat to protect endangered species like the curlew and lapwing.

Quernmore Sports 2019

10 images

What a cracking day!

Christian Leaders, June 2019

10 images

Sarah Dodd from NISCU came to talk about David from the Old Testament and Jesus from the New Testament.

River Adventures, June 2019

39 images

We drew characterrs and made boats for them to set sail in!

Walking Along the River Lune from Halton, June 2019

86 images

We spotted lots of river features - weirs, rapids, a meander, tributaries and floodplains. We also did a quiz about birds and a scavenger hunt along the way.

Glass Making Workshop, June 2019

123 images

We made hanging glass decorations with Anne Somers, an local glass artist. We also made coasters and zentangles, played beachball and rugby!

A Visit to Brockhole, June 2019

119 images

We followwed the orienteering trail in the morning to find 22 checkpoints. After playing on the playground we did a 'Geography Detectives' workshop. We found out why people visit the Lake District, what impact this has on the environment and what can be done about this.

Forest Schools Day, June 2019

107 images

We played some environmental games, cooked lunch on the fire, made clay faces on trees and even did some maypole dancing!

Lost Sounds : Nurturing Digital Naturalists, June 2019

74 images

Class 3 have been helping Liz Edwards with her research project, which combines study of the natural world with art work and technology. First we visited Birk Bank to make recordings of different bird calls. Back at school we made prints of the birds we had seen using conductive ink. We then made circuits using Raspberry Pi computers. Lastly we edited our sound files using Audacity and wrote programs with Scratch 2 so that the bird calls would play when the pictures were touched. Come into the entrance hall to try out our display! Thank you so much to Liz for a very enjoyable week and to Lucy and Ben, who helped her.

Lapwing Pompom Chicks, June 2019

29 images

Don't they look great!

John Muir Award, Class 3, February - May 2019

90 images

We are working on a conservation project in the outside area, particularly on the pitch. We are going to try to encourage more birds to visit the school.

Jess Butterworth, April 2019

25 images

Classes 3 and 4 went to Halton School to meet the author Jess Butterworth. She talked about her books, how she gets ideas for her writing and told us that we should have fun with our writing.

Cricket Coaching With Steve Pemberton, April 2019

20 images

We all had fun practising throwing, catching and batting skills

Curlew Festival at Abbeystead, April 2019

35 images

A great start to the new term! We joined children from three other local schools at Abbeystead, finding out about why curlews are in decline in the UK and also why they are doing so well here in the Trough of Bowland. We watched curlews, lapwings and oyster catchers at Black Clough. We painted and made models with local artists and wrote a poem with a local poet. Thank you to everyone who organised a fabulous day and to Harriet MacArthur for the curlew cupcakes!

Maths Day, April 2019

71 images

Maths is fun!

Bird watching with Steve Thackeray, April 2019

36 images

Thank you to Steve for coming bird watching at Birk Bank. We saw lapwings, curlews, red grouse, ducks, meadow pipits, robins, dunnocks, ravens, geese, black back gulls, pheasants, jackdaws, a green woodpecker, a buzzard and others too! We listened to lots of different birdsong and Steve could identify which birds were singing. We walked back to school across the farmland through a very exciting hailstorm!

Egg Decorating, April 2019

36 images

Well done everyone!

Wheelchair basketball, April 2109

22 images

Thank you Dennis and Julian for showing us how to play!

Bird Sculpture, March 2019

73 images

The children chose a British bird to sketch and model from clay.

Barn Owl Box, March 2019

24 images

Rob Cornthwaite brought the barn owl nesting bow that he has made for us. He explained its design and we decided where to site it. David Morris (Martha and Ivy's Dad) helped Rob to put it up in a tree in the second wood, overlooking the River Conder. A big thank you to David and Kate Morris for putting up all of our other bird boxes.

Map making with Miss Brownrigg, March 2019

20 images

We learnt how to read grid references on maps and made our own maps of school

Visit of Charles and Mary from the RNLI, March 2019

21 images

Thank you Charles and Mary for telling us about the work of the RNLI and about how to stay safe when visiting the beach.

A day in Morecambe, March 2019

125 images

We had such a lovely day! It was very windy along the Stone Jetty and on the beach. We went to see the new Time and Tide bell. We completed a traffic survey on the promenade and had our linch in the Midland Hotel. In the afternoon we had fun on the playground before visiting the Lifeboat Station. A big thank you to Colin, Dave and Mark from the R.N.L.I. for showing us the hovercraft and lifeboat.

World Book Day 2019

35 images

Great costumes everyone!

Tag Rugby Tournament, February 2019

39 images

Well done Class 3 - great team work!

Visiting Leighton Moss, February 2019

81 images

What a fantastic day! Carol and her team made us feel so welcome! We had fun exploring the Habitats Trail and finding out about all the creatures that live at Leighton Moss. In the afternoon we learnt how to use binoculars and visited the bird hides. We also learnt about the bird calls, nests and feathers of different birds. Well done Class 3, I was very proud of you!

Christmas Party, December 2018

30 images

We had fun!!! Great hats everyone. Thank you for your party food donations.

Roman Buildings, December 2018

37 images

We made Roman buildings with columns and a pediment. Thank you to everyone who brought in boxes and tubes.

Visiting the Roman Kiln, December 2018

14 images

Thank you to Mr and Mrs Mills for showing us the Roman kiln in Quernmore!

Saturnalia, December 2018

32 images

We had such a lot of fun taking it in turns to be the masters and slaves at our Roman feast. We ate olives, figs, dates, grapes, honey cake and pomegranate and drank grape juice. The slaves were very good at entertaining their masters with singing and dancing. Later we played Roman numeral bingo. Rachel and Lucy won!

Roman Mosaics, November 2108

28 images

We made sun mosaics as we learnt about the Roman god Saturn and the festival of Saturnalia. The children experimented with different stylised sun designs. I was so impressed with the amount of care that they took as they were working. Super art work Class 3!

Hadrian's Wall, Nov 2018

55 images

We had a great day!

Kadampa Buddhist Temple, October 2018

64 images

Class 3 spent the morning with Gail inside the temple learning lots of interesting things about Buddhism.

Quidditch Day October 2018

33 images

Watch Class 2 playing Quidditch! See if you can spot the Golden Snitch...

Quidditch! October 2018

27 images

We had so much fun learning to play quidditch with Joe and John!

Conkers, October 2018

16 images

We played conkers this morning!

Visiting the Hillfort, September 2018

34 images

We had a fantastic morning visiting the remains of the Iron Age fort in Quernmore Valley and imaging life 2000 years ago!

Celtic tribe role play, September 2018

16 images

We all had different roles in our tribe - hunters, blacksmiths, farmers, builders, cooks, healers, druids, basketmakers, weavers, potters, hunters or children. The children were the busiest of all!

Damas Gill, July 2018

53 images

We had a lovely day finding out why the Vikings chose to settle at Damas Gill. Thank you to Mr and Mrs Cooper Dunn!

Hrothgar the Viking, June 2018

96 images

We learnt such a lot from Hrothgar! Now we know all about Viking weapons and gods, Viking society, games and funerals.

Here Come the Vikings! Lancaster Maritime Museum, April 2018

51 images

We had lots of fun meeting Eric and Linden and finding out about Viking home life and weapons. We enjoyed looking around the Maritime museum too.

Visit of Ivan Kolev

3 images

Ivan talked to us about his work on ships as a mechanical engineer

Lancaster Cohousing, March 2018

78 images

Jan Maskell gave us a tour of the community and we saw all of the environmentally friendly features. We visited the water turbine in the River Lune and made our own water turbine models.

The Orchard

49 images

The Pitch

10 images